What kind of Advantages Do Small Businesses have over big ones

How can Small Businesses have an advantage over big business you ask? Progress and bureaucracy is often the achilles heel of a big corporate structure. Employees are highly ambitious and want to stake their claim on a promotion, which means mind games and calculation can often be at play. Due to the politics at play, and the many hierarchical positions, corporate entities tend to act like a cruise-liner, having to make any decision (small or big) goes through multiple channels, which often hurts their ability to adapt and respond to changing markets.

Small businesses are swift in pace and this pace is advantageous in marketing products (especially offline). The grass roots movement means that you can create trust locally and grow faster from within, and retain life long customers are who far less likely to trust bigger entities with fewer face to face interactions.

Personal Vision: Small business can easily adapt to the changes depending on their customer’s needs and wants.

Flexible: A small business has a lot more enhanced management over their production and communication with customers than a larger business.

Narrow Focus: A small business can survive in the changing environment of the business world and can adapt to small market focus which can help small business with a great reputation.

Agile Mindset: Small businesses can get fresh data from the market depending on their requirements along with clients and customers in hand and can change their business to support with a fresh prospect.

Technology Lever: Small businesses have an easy access to technology with great follow-up, prospects, extent, accounting, management and services with the departmental infrastructure.

Leading Rationale / Personalized communication: Small businesses are always personal. It is always important to have a personal connect ahead of services they provide. Such businesses have a meaning to every work they deliver with a story. Customers want instant 24/7 support, but they also tend to now communicate with businesses via platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the trust created by being able to see the person you’re doing business with and have them respond to you on the spot is extremely interpersonal compared to big businesses which cannot offer this personal approach.

Thin Organization: With fewer employees, a small business becomes a very lean organization. As the businesses have less management group they operate more efficiently.

Job Responsibility: It is always difficult and confusing to manage a job which has several people holding the same title and brings complexity to handle and understand the job duties along with the calculation of performance.

Society Connection: There is no contradiction that big businesses have become publicly alert towards the society in recent years. But they cannot replace the connection which small businesses carry with society. They provide a connection that large companies cannot provide to the community.

Personal Connection: Being connected to the customers is really crucial for any business whether it is a small or big business. But a small business is usually closer and connects well with their customers

Small businesses are regularly more probable to be openly concerned about the interaction between their customers and employees. They are more into providing the satisfaction to both the sides in every manner. Small businesses are a lot easier to handle, to connect and to work with both their employees and customers.