What are 5 Growing Industries in the U.S. in 2020?

Research by expert analysis and IBISWorld considering the revenue growth percentage in 2020 came up with a list of the best five growing industries in the United States. They include, 3D Printing and Rapid Photocopying Services having a twenty-eight-point eight percent revenue growth, Hydraulic Fracturing Services with twenty-seven point eight percent, Medical, and Recreational Marijuana Growing at twenty-four point four percent, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Manufacturing with a twenty-four point four revenue growth percentage, and finally Wind Power at twenty-four point three percent.

· 3D Printing and Prototyping Services.

3D is among the many companies in the united states that have had rapid growth over the last five years. Its growth has been spearheaded by the following factors; availability of advanced technology, affordable costs, and brand applications based on 3D printing. By having affordable prices for its services, several companies have bought their machines, which has led to bypassing the industrial functions. Also, there has been an increase in demand. When comparing the revenue growth percentage of 2020 and 2015, it is evident that it has risen to twenty-seven-point three percent to twenty-eight-point eight percent.

· Hydraulic Fracturing Services.

The current revenue growth of this company is twenty-seven-point eight percent. This company majors a lot on the extraction of crude oil and natural gas. This is the company that has spearheaded a notch-higher the growth of the production of petroleum and natural gas in the United States from 2015 to 2020. The 21111 report from IBISWorld reveals that the revenue of this company grew when the Drilling and Gas Extraction industry made a contract with Hydraulic Fracturing Services to stimulate the production of oil and gas.

· Medical & Recreational Marijuana Growing.

The company has a revenue growth percentage of twenty-five-point two percent. It was established and started growing Marijuana for two reasons; medical and recreation; this helped the company’s revenue to rise. According to research done by Watershed legalization victories, this is one of the fastest industries when it comes to growth. With 80.0% of U.S. citizens using Marijuana according to the report from Gallup, don’t you think the industry’s revenue growth will fail to rise?

· Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Manufacturing.

The industry has revenue growth of twenty-four-point four percent. Over the last five years, its growth and been proliferating. The company is looking forward to an annual rate of five hundred and twenty-four point four million U.S. dollars. The military, reconnaissance, antisubmarine warfare, and security market surveillance are some of the places the industry gets its revenue from. The products from this company are essential for the growth of the commercial sector in the United States.

· Wind Power in the United States.

This industry has revenue growth of twenty-four-point three percent. The company gets its revenue through managing and operating wind farms and selling energy. With support from the U.S. government, the company’s revenue has increased to an annual rate of fourteen point eight billion dollars, which is a ten-point four percent revenue increase. The industry gets revenue support from the federal production tax credit. Indeed, this is a growing industry with market size of fifteen billion U.S. dollars, has three hundred and eighty-two businesses, and six thousand nine hundred and forty-six employees.