5 Unconventional Social Media Tips

Social Media Promotion is the use of social networks and applications to promote a particular brand of product or services online. In recent times, social media landscape has been so competitive since businesses strive to make their online presence felt, but wait a minute, have it been exploited fully? This article discusses five ideas for social media promotion few people rarely think about.

Instagram Hashtag Contest

Apart from sharing photo clips and videos on Instagram, a company can easily promote its products on this social network platform by starting a hash tag contest, users are invited to follow the company’s page and post photos with their products using a specified hashtag for rewards. Each of these postings can then be synchronized to appear on the landing pages of promotional websites.

Referral Promotions

Referral promotion is a kind of arrangement whereby people who enters into a specific social media promotion are given incentives e.g. discount codes for sharing a linking URL with their online friends. This will result into many people hitting on the link and getting information about the product being promoted. This has been one of the most successful promotion techniques since most referrals earns more incentives. One of its advantages is that it is cross platform and can be used within major social media platforms.


For most ecommerce brands, the major intent of conducting social media promotion is to get more buyers and increase sales, online coupons will exactly do this. By introducing online incentives like “buy two get one absolutely free”, many prospective buyers will flock to your account to inquire or purchase the said product. This method has been known to attract good numbers and sales in crowded ecommerce arenas flooded by sellers of the same products. There are many types of coupon campaigns e.g. dollar based coupon campaigns, percentage based coupon campaigns among others.

Clear Social Media Buttons

Have a blog or promotional website? Make sure that the social media link buttons are visible and clearly market so enable many people to view your profile. There should be catchy phrases and items that led your prospective buyers to your social media platforms, once they have visited your links; the secret of keeping them glued is by offering them complete information and promptly answering all their queries real time.

Engage with your email subscribers

You can use email auto responder function to invite your email subscribers to visit your social media platforms, email tends to be an official means of communication and anything sent through it is always given due attention. By using this, you are rest assured to reach many prospective customers.

Embrace Visuals

We all know that any Facebook post or any tweet with a visual i.e. photo or video tend to be interesting than plain text post. For promotional purposes, people tend to show much interest in things they see than hear about. You are certain of reaching a large number of social media users if you use visuals.

When it comes to promoting products, social media platforms offers the best, but many marketers always fail to reap its fully benefits and potentials due to lack of strategic social media tactics.