4 Creative Ways to Grab New Clients for Your Business

Most companies are established by entrepreneurs who are experts in certain fields. However, this isn’t the only factor that contributes to business success. Understanding strategies of generating sales is an extremely important factor.

According to experts in business, marketing is among the most important factors that significantly contribute to business success. Many entrepreneurs believe that word of mouth alone can make their organizations prosper. This isn’t the case.

In order to attract and retain clients, there are strategies that must be deliberately laid down and implemented.

This article will teach you four creative ways to grab new clients for your business.

Effective ways of attracting and retaining clients

1. Promotional products

Promotional items are extremely effective in attracting new clients as well as retaining existing ones. In order to make money, you must spend money. Most probably, you’ve heard or read about that phrase, haven’t you? However, the big question is; what do you spend that money on? The answer is simple; on promotional items.

They’re a cost effective and reliable method of creating awareness about your company as well as its products/ services to a very large target audience. We see all kinds of interesting companies like Souvenir Station where they aren’t offering traditional promotional items such as pens, but rather ones that are useful to the clients – items like power banks and mobile solar chargers, items which the clients can take with them on their travels.

Promotional products not only create new communication channels, but also draw the attention of prospective clients to your enterprise, create and enhance brand recognition and also make clients have an attractive image of your company.

2. Create your brand

Your company’s brand is essentially the message that is passed onto your clients to convince them to choose your service/ product, rather than the commodities offered by your competitors. It’s therefore important to create a unique brand that will effectively represent the overall identity of your company as well as its competitive advantage.

Since it serves as the identity of your enterprise, it will enable you establish long lasting relationships with both prospective and existing clients.

3. Make use of traditional marketing techniques

There are various marketing techniques that you can adopt to attract as well as retain clients. Traditional techniques that you can consider using include; direct mail, billboards and signs, newspapers, phone books as well as magazines.

Additionally, you can choose to advertise your company’s products/ services on vehicles using bumper stickers, car wraps and decals.

Find out what your competitors in the industry are doing to get clients. If you discover that the techniques are working out for them, you can opt to use similar or improved methods.

4. Use modern marketing techniques

The rapid technological revolution has forced companies to come up with modern ways of reaching out to new clients.

Does your company have a website? If it doesn’t, you should create one as soon as possible. Most people spend their leisure time browsing the internet. Some of them still remain glued to their smartphones and computers even when they should be engaging in constructive activities. Most of these people are prospective clients, regardless of their geographical location. A good website will enable you reach out to them.

Are you aware that social media has emerged as the most effective platform for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones? Most probably, you are a member of several social networking sites.

If you are an active member of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ or any other social networking site, you can post content on these sites with the objective of reaching out to existing and prospective clients. If you are in North America, you can attract potential clients from as far as Africa, Asia, South America as well as Europe.

Other effective ways of grabbing new clients

There are several other ways of getting new clients. Some of them are listed below.

1. Identify who your ideal customers are.

2. Find effective methods of reaching out to them.

3. Make follow up/ request for feedback. Establish a feedback mechanism through which clients can express their complaints and/or suggestions.

4. Have a clear understanding of your company.

5. Establish valuable and long-lasting partnerships with other companies that sell complementary goods/ services.

6. Position your company’s products/ services as the perfect solution for your clients’ needs/ wants.

7. Use direct-response marketing.